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troy williams

"spirit man"

hand carved cottonwood


Phillp Trujillo

kokopelli fertility legend

free form pieced steel




Phillp Trujillo


free form pieced steel








We are pleased to announce the incorporation of the Jemez Trading Co. Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden onto our premises.

The Jemez Trading Co. has featured both local and international artists in their previous location. Those 6 years brought in collectors from near and far!

Dagna Samuels-Altheide is delighted to have this ideal location for her gallery. The spacious and elegant interior and exterior grounds are the perfect settings to show art!

Some of our featured local artists are:

In addition we have an unusually large collection of local traditional pottery and artifacts from the Jemez and surrounding Pueblos and gifts.


troy williams - sculpture $2900

ed samuels

"pink lightening"

oil on canvas























Raymond Sandoval

San Pasqual



Santa Clara Eagle Dancer

Emma Yeppa - Jemez Pueblo

First Place Eight Nations



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